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Which VW 502 00 Oil to Choose?

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We’ve all been there when pulling up to a Take 5 oil change or express oil change place and the mechanic asks what oil you’re wanting to get. In the past, engines weren’t near as picky when it came to engine oil. However, these modern Volkswagen or Audi engines are very specific when it comes to what oils can be used. VW and Audi have compiled a list of approved engine oils that are recommended to be used. Use of the wrong oil can cause major engine damage that won’t be covered under your vehicle’s warranty.

If you are unsure of what oil you need, get assistance from a mechanic or from your local Audi dealer. There should be a sticker under the hood in the engine compartment.

What this means is that the engine requires VW 502 00 oil, but if there isn’t any around, VW 504 00 oil also meets the engine’s requirements.

What Are VW Oil Codes?

The oil codes that Volkswagen and Audi came up with can get quite confusing. We’re sure you’ve seen at least one of these codes listed below:

  • VW 500 00 oil
  • VW 501 01 oil
  • VW 502 00 oil
  • VW 503 00 oil
  • VW 503 01 oil
  • VW 504 00 oil
  • VW 505 00 oil
  • VW 505 01 oil
  • VW 506 00 oil
  • VW 506 01 oil
  • VW 507 00 oil
  • VW 508 00 oil
  • VW 509 00 oil

So what exactly do these mean? These codes are an oil classification system created by the Volkswagen Group. In other words, each code above has its own specifications based on sooth, thickening, wear, sludge, oil deposits, fuel economy, after treatment, and viscosity. Also, they have different specifications when it comes to drain intervals and gasoline engines or diesel engines. For example, 500 00 oil is an old oil specification that is applicable to engines built before 2000. While 505 00 & 506 00 oil are made specifically for diesel engines.

If you are questioning which oil is needed for your vehicle, there is an excellent question tree to help below provided by oilspecifications.org.

VW oil specifications chart (VW 501.01, VW 502.00, VW 504.00, VW 505.01, VW 507.00, etc.)

What is VW 502 00 Oil?

The main reason for this article is to explain what the popular VW 502 00 oil is. 502 00 oil is designed for gasoline engines and is the successor to VW 500 00 and VW 501 01 oil. It is the most popular engine oil spec used in the United States and is used for engines built in 1990 all the way up to 2019. It has a drain interval of 10,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes first. VW 502 00 engine oil specification cross-references with OEM VW/Audi G 052 502 M2, G 052 502 M4, G 052 502 M6, and G 052 502 M9.

Approved VW 502 00 Oil Based on Viscosity:

SAE 0W-30

SAE 0W-40

SAE 5W-30

SAE 5W-40

Oil viscosity can get quite confusing. It is measured by its resistance to oil flow. There are two numbers that explain an oil’s viscosity, as seen above, 5W-30 for example. The first number ends with a W, which stands for winter. Therefore, the first number measures how oil flows when the engine is cold. The second number measures oil flow at higher temperatures or normal operating temps. The smaller the number, the easier the oil will flow. So 5W-30 flows easier at cold temperatures than 10W-30, and 5W-30 also flows easier than 5W-40.

Which Oil is VW Approved?

When it comes to which oil is approved by Volkswagen, they are very picky. Volkswagen will issue specific oil properties that are needed for an engine. Once these properties are laid out, oil producers begin creating oil that will meet or even exceed said specifications. Once the product is created, it is sent to manufacturers to test. If the manufacturer, Volkswagen, approves of the oil, it is then listed as a Volkswagen approved oil. Here is a Volkswagen technical bulletin list of all Volkswagen-approved oils for all VW and Audi oil specifications.

VW 502 00 Oil Conclusion

We hope the information provided above assists you in understanding VW and Audi’s confusing oil specifications, what oil your engine needs, and what VW 502 00 oil is approved. If you are wanting us to write about another oil specification from Volkswagen or Audi, let us know in the comments and we will work on it ASAP. Also, if you are wanting to read up on more Volkswagen or Audi content, here is an article on “What is VW 4motion?” or “Audi quattro®: What Does it Mean?“.

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  1. Trey- thanks for interesting articles. I have a 2016 gti autobahn that I purchased as a certified pre owned vehicle. The engine oil code is 502. Which I believe is 5w40. I asked the dealer what oil they used in it and they said VW made a spec change and they put 0w30 in my car. I live in the Midwest so it can get quite cold here. I believe the change was made for fuel economy. I want my engine to last so I don’t plan on waiting for the 10k interval but plan on changing it at 5k. Should I stick with 0w30 or put 5w30 or 40 instead?


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