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P0507 VW/Audi Engine Code – Diagnosis & Repair

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P0507 Volkswagen/Audi Fault Code: Idle Air Control System Higher Than Expected

Receiving a P0507 code on your Volkswagen or Audi will read out “Idle Air Control System Higher Than Expected”When this code is seen, it’s as it sounds, your vehicle will be idling higher than the engine’s optimal levels, 600-800rpms. (See example below). The RPMs may not only be higher, but they may be very erratic or not constant while the vehicle is idle. Believe it or not, this is a rather easy diagnosis and fix if you have the proper tools. We highly suggest owning an OBD-II scanner so you can fix these small things instead of having to pay too much at a shop.

Can I still drive with a P0507 Volkswagen or Audi Fault Code?

Given that this code is not severe, yes you can. However, if your vehicle has a high idle for an extended period of time, it could cause major engine damage. With the symptoms listed below, they aren’t dire to an engine’s health for a short time (3-7 days). We highly recommend fixing this issue ASAP by yourself or taking it to a shop because as stated before if it is left unattended longer than a week, you could have some serious engine damage.

P0507 VW/Audi Symptoms

  • Check Engine Light (CEL) Illuminating
  • Rough/High/Erratic Engine Idle
  • Vehicle Jerk switching gears
  • Engine Not Starting
  • Engine Stalls

Causes of P0507 VW/Audi Engine Code

  • Intake/Vacuum Leak
  • Damaged/Dirty/Failing Throttle Body
  • Electric Throttle Body Control Actuator Failure
  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve failure
  • Failing Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve or IAC Circuit
  • Power Steering Pressure Switch Failure

How to Repair a Volkswagen or Audi with a P0507 Engine Code

When your vehicle gets this engine code, it should be a relatively easy diagnosis and fix. Unlike other posts that we’ve written about fault codes, like the EPC Light, this one should be fairly straightforward since there aren’t that many causes. If you end up taking your vehicle to a shop to get fixed, you would likely be looking at a cost of anywhere from $150 – $1,000, depending on what is needing to be replaced. Before ordering the parts listed below, please make sure they will fit your vehicle.

How to Fix a Vacuum Leak

This happens to be the most likely cause of a P0507 fault code. Vacuum leaks, if you don’t have the proper information, can be quite difficult to find. However, that is why you are reading this, to find tips on how to diagnose and fix this problem.

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DIY Difficulty: Intermediate

How to Fix an IAC Valve

This is probably the second most cause of this engine code. IAC valve stands for an Idle Air Control valve and it regulates airflow to the engine ensuring smooth engine idling. It is a cheap part and an easy DIY, so might as well get this a shot to fix this issue.

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DIY Difficulty:

How to Fix or Clean an Electronic Throttle Body

Another likely cause is the electronic throttle body being clogged with carbon buildup or being damaged and not functioning properly. Luckily the throttle body is easy to get to and easy to replace or clean if it is needed.

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DIY Difficulty:

How to Fix a Faulty PCV Valve

PCV valves on Volkswagen’s and Audi’s are prone to failure for some reason. The reliability of these parts out of the factory isn’t great and honestly, if your PCV valve hasn’t been changed, we would advise changing it.

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DIY Difficulty:

How to Fix a Power Steering Switch

This cause is kind of far-fetched when it comes to this engine code, but it is slightly possible to cause it. If you have gone through all of the fixes above and the code is still popping up, go ahead and try this because it too is relatively cheap to install and easy to DIY.

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Crankshaft Sensor DIY Difficulty:


To wrap this guide up, the P0507 fault code is most likely caused by a vacuum leak, an IAC valve, or an electronic throttle body. If you are getting this code, you CAN drive on it for a short period, as the erratic RPMs are not healthy for a vehicle’s engine. If you are looking for guides, parts, or diagnoses on another vehicle not listed above, reach out in the comments and we’ll help the best way we can! We hope this guide has helped alleviate the issue you are seeing with your vehicle.

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