About VW Tuning

VW Tuning began in 2020 as a place to provide Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts with the most accurate and concise information about common problems, maintenance and repairs, and performance modding and tuning. Over the past few years, it has evolved to include vehicle comparisons and ownership guides, too. 

In 2023, VW Tuning joined the 8020 Media brand, where it has found a home alongside other European and German-based car information websites such as TuningPro.co and BMWTuning.co. With reliable and detailed guides about all of the latest and most important VW and Audi models, VW tuning is a fantastic resource for all of your most relevant Volkswagen Group car information. 

Our Goal at VW Tuning

At VW Tuning, our goal and mission is to be the most complete, accurate, and authoritative source for Volkswagen and Audi information on the web. We have dedicated ourselves to making sure our information is as up to date and reliable as possible, while also making sure it is easily accessible, concise, and simple to understand. 

We know no one wants to spend endless hours scrolling through Facebook groups and forum posts searching for an answer, and our objective is to provide the best possible information so you don’t have to do any extra digging. We are passionate about cars and specifically VW and Audi models, which drives us to offer the most meticulously researched content. 

Our Team


Trey Jones is the founder of VW Tuning and the expert resource behind all of the content on the site. Trey’s has a love for all things VW and Audi dating back to his high school days helping his brother wrench around on his MK5 GTI. He is our specialist for all things Volkswagen group, from VW to Audi to Porsche’s. His favorites are the RS5 and the classic Porsche 930 Turbo.

Trey earned a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing from Texas A&M in 2017 and is a big fan of the Aggies sports teams. Outside of his life as a gearhead he is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with his wife and two Australian shepherds.


Chandler Stark started writing for VW Tuning in April 2023 after joining the 8020 Media team the year prior. He has long been a fan of Audi and VW vehicles, and he currently owns a 2020 GTI SE that is tuned by Equilibrium Tuning. Previously, he has owned multiple Subaru WRXs which were heavily modified. His knowledge base covers everything from American muscle to JDM and European imports, and he is our jack of all trades. 

Chandler graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Colorado Denver in 2019. In 2022, Chandler earned a Master’s Degree from the same university, also in History. He is a historian and writer by trade, and loves reading and writing about automotive history. 

The 8020 Media Team

In addition to Trey and Chandler, the 8020 Media team includes several other car enthusiasts. Together, we all strive to provide the highest quality, most accurate and reliable, and most up to date information about cars on the internet. The 8020 Media brand operates a number of car enthusiast websites, ranging from American muscle to JDM and Euro car content. 

We are always looking for passionate automotive enthusiasts to join our team. If you love all things automotive and have a depth of knowledge that you think would bring value to our team then check out our career opportunities.

Affiliate Relationships

We participate in a number of affiliate programs, including the Amazon Associates program and ECS Tuning, where we receive a commission when products are purchased through our links. We always promise our commitment to our readers first. Our number one goal and purpose is to provide the most accurate and honest information, regardless of affiliate relationships. 

Our No ‘AI’ Content Policy

Through Chandler and Trey our team has years of experience owning, modifying, and working on Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. We are the experts. We have a no AI policy meaning we do not use AI or language learning models to help us create or produce our content, nor do we use it for content research. All of our content is hand written by our team based off of their personal hands on experience.

We strive to provide the best content on the internet. We believe in accuracy, honesty, and quality – a combination that an AI model that has never worked on or driven a VW or Audi vehicle can’t provide.