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The Best VW Tiguan Coilovers – Lowered Tiguan

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Kind of like the Volkswagen CC, we were unaware of how good a lowered Tiguan can look. But now, we are huge fans. The Tiguan is a CUV that was first introduced by Volkswagen in 2007. There have been 3 different Tiguan’s built since its inception, commonly referred to as: Tiguan 1 (2007-2011), Tiguan 2 (2012-2017), and Tiguan MQB (2018-present). We were unaware of all the lowered Tiguan enthusiasts out there, but are glad to be writing this coilover guide because we fully support it and love the look of it. Back in 2014-2015, there wasn’t much coilover aftermarket support. However, now since it has become much more popular there are many options to choose from.

VW Tiguan Coilovers Considerations

When it comes to purchasing a coilover kit, there are a lot of components to take into consideration: monotube vs twin-tube, coilovers vs lowering springs, spring rates, and dampening adjustability. Usually, we would say it’s important to layout your vehicle goals, however, with Tiguan’s we would assume nobody is taking these to the track. So you have to determine if you are just wanting a coilover kit for stance, street performance, or both. There are actually quite a few coilover kits to choose from on the market that fit many different driving conditions. If you are looking to take your Tiguan to the track, let us know in the comments and we’ll include a bonus track set.

Monotube vs. Twin-Tube

This can get quite complicated when it comes to coilover kits, so we will try to put it in simple terms so it is easy to understand. Monotube and twin-tube refers to the shock design used in a coilover kit.

Monotube refers to dampers that hold hydraulic gas and liquid in a single tube, which separates the liquid and gas with a floating piston. This allows monotube coilovers to compress and react to bumps quicker causing a stiffer suspension. Stiffer suspension is mainly used for high-performance street setups or the track. Since its design is very complex, monotube coilovers tend to be more expensive to the end consumer.

Twin-tube refers to two tubes, one that holds hydraulic liquid and one that holds hydraulic gas. These two substances mix when compression takes place. This allows for more suspension stroke and improves ride quality. These are often found in OEM suspensions and happen to be quite a bit cheaper than monotube coilovers.

Coilovers vs. Lowering Springs

This is always a fun debate because there are so many differing opinions when it comes to choosing lowering springs vs coilovers. Our opinion is, we don’t see anything wrong with either option. We have a preference for coilovers but that is because of the many benefits they provide over lowering springs. However, with that said, if you are someone that is just going for stance and cost efficiency, then we see nothing wrong with going with lowering springs. Coilovers may be a little more expensive, but they typically come with upgraded struts and shocks, improved handling, and suspension customizability. So, like we stated above, it is important to lay out what you’re looking for when it comes to your suspension to assist you in making this decision.

Coilover Spring Rates

Springs are a very important component in a suspension. The regulate the vehicle’s ability to absorb bumps, bounce, and create a lower center of gravity. Spring rate refers to the amount of weight it takes to compress a spring by 1 inch or 25mm. Depending on where you are located, spring rates can be measured by lbs/in or KGs/mm. Let’s dive into this a little more so it’s easily understandable. A lower spring rate, 220lbs/in for example, means that it will take 220 pounds to compress the springs by 1 inch. This will yield a softer, more comfortable suspension. Whereas a higher spring rate, 415lbs/in for example, will require more weight to compress the spring by 1 inch. This will yield a stiffer more precise suspension. A lower spring rate is better for the daily drivers, while the higher spring rates are what are used in high-performance street or track vehicles.

Dampening Adjustability

Lastly, and arguably the most important consideration, is dampening. Dampening refers to the control of the compression of the springs and how quickly they rebound after compression. Therefore, dampening adjustability allows someone to adjust the control of compression and rebound. If a coilover kit happens to have adjustable dampening, it means that it allows the driver to customize their driving experience. This again will mainly be found on high-performance street or track vehicles because handling precision is key. Not all coilover kits have adjustable dampening. What this means is that there is fixed dampening. Fixed dampening means that aftermarket companies have dampening at optimal levels for consumers that purchase them. So in no way is one better than the other, it just goes back to driver preference and needs.

Volkswagen Tiguan Coilover Benefits

  • Ride height adjustability/Lowers rides center of gravity
  • Dampening adjustability
  • Improved handling
  • More comfortable driving experience

Best Tiguan Coilovers

We feel that the “best” tiguan coilovers may be a little subjective. The reason being is because consumers have different needs and wants when it comes to an upgraded suspension. With that in mind, it is a little difficult to say which kit is the best for everyone. So, we will lay out a few kits below to fulfill stance, street performance, and both. We’ve spent some time scrolling around looking for what kits people are using for lowered Tiguan’s and have compiled our 4 favorite kits below. Before ordering anything, please make sure it fits your specific Tiguan application. 

1) Raceland Tiguan Coilovers – Lowered Tiguan

First off, these Raceland coilovers will fit all Tiguan 1 and Tiguan 2 suspensions. There seem to be mixed reviews for Raceland coilover kits because of the cost. This doesn’t quite make sense to us because Raceland provides high-quality coilovers at a portion of other aftermarket brands. They do this by eliminating the middle man which passes the savings onto the customer. So you can rest assured that these Raceland coilovers WILL BE the biggest bang-for-your-buck coilover kit. We like that they provide 3 different twin-tube kits for different drivers and allows for a lot of customization to ensure you get the driving experience you are looking for.

Along with a more cost-efficient coilover kit, Raceland offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and exceptional customer service. In our opinion, we would go with the Ultimo or Primo kit because it allows for a 4-4.5″ drop and improves handling on your lowered Tiguan.

Driver: Stance or Street
Lowering: 1-4.5″
Price: $439
Buy Here: Raceland Volkswagen Tiguan Classic Coilovers
Ultimo Raceland Volkswagen Tiguan Coilovers (Lowering 2-4″)
Primo Raceland Volkswagen Tiguan Coilovers (Lowering 2.5-4.5″)

2) BC Racing Tiguan Coilovers – Lowered Tiguan

First off, these BC Racing coilovers only fit the Tiguan 1 and Tiguan 2 FWD and 4motions suspension. BC Racing is a tier up from Raceland’s when it comes to street performance suspension for a lowered Tiguan. This monotube coilover kit allows for a 2-3″ drop, 30 levels of dampening adjustability, and improved handling for the street. BC Racing has made quite a name for themselves in the aftermarket coilover industry for building high quality kits that fit many driver’s needs and wants.

Driver: Street
Lowering: 2-3″
Price: $1,030 + Shipping
Buy Here: BR Series Volkswagen Tiguan Extreme Low Coilover Kit

3) H&R Tiguan Coilovers – Lowered Tiguan

For starters, these H&R coilovers only fit the Tiguan 1 and Tiguan 2 4motions. H&R Suspension is also a well known aftermarket suspension company, especially with Volkswagen’s. This specific monotube coilover kit offers up to 2.2″ drop and progressive spring rates. These are good for daily drivers and serious tuners.

Driver: Street
Lowering: 1.2-2.2″
Price: $1,336 + Free Shipping
Buy Here: H&R Volkswagen Tiguan Street Performance Coilover Kit

BONUS: BC Racing Tiguan MQB Coilovers – Lowered Tiguan

We want to make sure we have a kit that will fit those Tiguan 3 drivers out there. Very similar to #2 on the list above, BC Racing returns with a coilover kit that fits both the Tiguan MQB FWD and 4motion suspension.

Driver: Street
Lowering: 2-3″
Price: $1,030 + Free Shipping
Buy Here: BR Series Volkswagen Tiguan Extreme Low Coilover Kit

VW Tiguan Coilovers Conclusion

To conclude this coilover guide for the lowered Tiguan, we hope the information and kits provided have assisted you in your purchasing decision. We always advise to do a little more research to ensure the coilover kit you end up with fits your vehicle needs and wants. In our opinion, if you are looking for a great daily driver setup that allows a ton of customization, go with Raceland. If you are looking for more improved handling on the streets, go with BC Racing. Let us know what kit you’re running,or are planning on running, in the comments below!

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