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Although the VW Arteon may closely resemble the Volkswagen CC, it is actually its successor and is classified as more upmarket than the CC. The Volkswagen Arteon was first introduced in 2017 and is still in production today. It was built on the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform. It is classified as a mid-size car with two different body styles: a liftback or an estate. For those that know what the Passat was, the Arteon is a step above it. Although there is only one generation of the Arteon, so far, it underwent a facelift in 2020. It introduced a new body style, the shooting brake, updated the exterior to a more modern look, and rolled out the performance R variant. The VW Arteon is being discontinued in 2024. Therefore, it will only be in production for 7 years.

Since its inception, the Arteon has had many different engines: 1.5 TFSI, 2.0 TSI, 2.0 TSI 4motion, 1.4 e-hybrid, and a 2.0 TDI. As of 2023, the Arteon is equipped with a 2.0 TSI that puts down 300hp and 295lb-ft of torque. It gets 25mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway for a combined mpg of 28 on a 17.4gal fuel tank.

Volkswagen Arteon Specs

In this section, we will be going over the interior and exterior specs for the 2023 model year.

Volkswagen Arteon Dimensions

Now, we’ll cover the specific engines and performance specs found in the Arteon.

VW Arteon Engines & Engine Specs

VW Arteon Pricing

In this portion, we’ll be covering new and used prices for the VW Arteon. In the US, at least, the R-Line is the only new option available. Therefore, there are 3 different R-Line trims available: SE, SEL, and SEL Premium. The 2023 Arteon SE R-Line starts at $43,010, the Arteon SEL R-Line starts at $47,180, and the Arteon SEL Premium R-Line starts at $50,175. Now on the used side, depending on what year and mileage, an Arteon can range anywhere from $24,550 – $45,000.

The 4 Most Common Volkswagen Arteon Engine Problems

  1. Rear Wheel Bearing
  2. Sunroof Creak/Rattle
  3. Defective Front Assist
  4. Transmission Issues

Given that the Arteon is relatively new, it was quite difficult to come up with common problems, but these are what we found while scouring through forums for hours.

1. Rear Wheel Bearing

Rear wheel bearing issues seem to affect 2017-2019 model years and it is specifically the rear wheel bearing housing that is the issue. The housing is metal and under extreme circumstances, it might fracture. If the housing fractures, it exposes the wheel bearings to the external environment, which will lead to bearing failure shortly thereafter. Wheel bearings connect the wheel and the axel, so it is an important component that should always be protected. Typically wheel bearings should last 100,000+ miles.

Symptoms of Wheel Bearing Failure:

  • Grinding/humming noise from the rear suspension
  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Knocking or clunking noise while turning

Wheel Bearing Replacement Options:

If your Arteon happens to have a fractured wheel bearing housing, you’ll want to replace it in a timely manner as it isn’t safe to drive with the wheel bearings exposed. If you have the proper tools, it isn’t the hardest DIY. However, if you aren’t wanting to DIY, there’s a good chance VW may cover it under warranty, you will likely have to front $400 or so at a shop.

DIY Difficulty: Difficult

2. Sunroof Creak/Rattle

Not a huge problem, but a rather annoying problem, is the sunroof rattle some Arteon’s experience, example here. Some, not all, Arteons were effected by this. But Volkswagen is aware of the issue and can easily pinpoint which Arteon’s have the issue if taken into a shop. Essentially, out of the factory, there was a weak weld on the exterior panel near the sunroof. Some customers have had Volkswagen dealers say that it’s normal for a car to squeak or rattle, while others have had dealerships fix the problem. Therefore, it is a hit or miss whether a dealer can get it fixed.

However, one consumer went on to say that a mechanic applied an advanced bonding agent to secure the welded component and that fixed the rattle. Regardless, this again isn’t a huge deal, but thought we would include it here as it seems to come up a lot.

3. Defective Front Assist

There have been numerous lawsuits on this issue and 2016-2019 Arteon’s could be affected by it. Essentially, customers are complaining that the automatic emergency braking feature suddenly activates because the front assist technology is sensing danger ahead. Obviously, this could be very dangerous given it is out of the control of the driver. Front assist, or also referred to as Forward Collision Warning, is a safety feature that senses traffic or people in front of the vehicle to avoid hazardous situations. The catch is, if a driver doesn’t respond to the warning signs, ie slow down when the technology wants you to, it also comes with autonomous emergency braking. This means it will brake for you, even if you don’t want it to.

Customers have gone on to say that if they complain about the front assist technology, they have been told by Volkswagen to simply deactivate the feature altogether. Allegedly, Volkswagen has concealed problems with the front assist feature. So, the question is, is it really defective? I don’t think we’ll ever know, but you can simply turn off front assist with autonomous emergency braking if you don’t like it.

4. Transmission Issues

Lastly, the 2019-Present, US Market, Arteon’s are equipped with an 8-speed Aisin transmission, whereas the years prior were equipped with the trustee DSG or manual transmissions. A transmission, in simple terms, is the component of a vehicle that transfers the power from the engine to the wheels to get the vehicle to move. Many consumers claim that the 8-speed AWF8F35 transmission is very sluggish compared to the DSG or a manual transmission. But this bring up a question, is this opinion just in the enthusiast market or regular consumer market? We know that this is an issue for enthusiasts that are pushing boost over stock levels because the transmission doesn’t shift quick enough.

Although digging deeper into this, normal consumers are having issues with the transmission as well. Customers are saying that when the AWF8F35 transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd gear, the transmission jolts.

Symptoms of Transmission Issues:

  • Jolts or rough shifting
  • Limp mode engaged
  • Transmission won’t go in reverse
  • Transmission stuck in a specific gear
  • Clunking, humming, and whining noise

VW Arteon Recalls

Over its 5 years of production, there have been a few recalls that VW has acted on. If you happen to have the model year specified below and haven’t taken it in, you may want to give your dealer a call and reference the recall numbers below.

  • eMMC memory module – 22V514000 – 07-19-2022
    • 2021 Arteon
  • Pressure input rod on the brake booster – 21V695000 – 09-07-2021
    • 2021 Arteon
  • TPMS Sensors calibrated incorrectly – 21V274000 – 04-20-2021
    • 2021 Arteon
  • Malfunctioning rear view camera – 20V716000 – 11-17-2020
    • 2021 Arteon
  • Pressure input rod installed incorrectly – 20V135000 – 03-05-2020
    • 2019 Arteon

VW Arteon Reliability

Is the Volkswagen Arteon reliable? The Arteon’s overall reliability is surprisingly above average! Consumer Reports rated the 2021 model year 82 out of 100, which actually placed the Arteon in the top 3 most reliable vehicles in its class. They even went on to recommend the Arteon to future consumers, which is a pretty big deal. I say surprisingly because generally Volkswagen’s aren’t given the best reputation when it comes to reliability. It beat out the Kia Stinger in reliability. With that being said, I think it goes to show that the Arteon may be a little more expensive, but sounds like it’s a good value given reliability, cargo and passenger space, and performance. If you are reading this and happen to have first-hand experience with this vehicle, please let us know your experience in the comments below. This will help us with our research and future readers with theirs.

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