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EPC Light VW/Audi Explanation

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EPC Light VW/Audi: Electronic Power Control

The EPC light causes a lot of confusion when it comes to Volkswagen’s and Audi’s because of the number of causes there are when the EPC light is on. So what exactly is it and what is it telling you about your vehicle? EPC light stands for Electronic Power Control light and when it is illuminated it indicates that something is wrong in the throttle system of your vehicle. The throttle system includes the accelerator pedal, throttle body, cruise control unit, or traction control.

The confusing part is when the EPC light comes on, it may not mean that there is something wrong with the vehicle’s throttle system. There are times where it is simple to diagnose; For example, if the EPC light is illuminated and the traction control light is also illuminated, you can guess the traction control issue is causing the EPC light to be on. We have seen this light causing errors in many Q5’s and sQ5’s specifically, but it is not limited to those vehicles.

Can I still drive with an EPC light on?

Short answer, yes, but not recommended. Some of the time when the light comes on, the vehicle may go into limp mode. If your vehicle is in limp mode, drive it to a shop immediately. If the light is on and your vehicle is not in limp mode, we highly suggest taking it to a shop within a few days. The reason we say this is because an EPC light is hard to diagnose, especially with all the possible causes listed below.

Causes of EPC Light VW/Audi

  • Accelerator pedal failure (P2122)
  • Electronic throttle body failure (Fault code P0222 or P2127)
  • Cruise control issues
  • MAF (Mass Airflow) sensor failure
  • Camshaft position sensor failure (Fault code P0340)
  • Crankshaft position sensor failure (Fault code P0335)
  • Engine speed sensor failure
  • Brake light switch failure (Fault Code P0571-P0573)
  • Power steering failure
  • ABS sensor failure
  • Brake pressure sensor failure
  • Brake pedal switch failure
  • Fuel Injector failure

How to Repair a Vehicle with an EPC Light Illuminated

If you are able to get home with an EPC light and have an OBD-II scanner, that should be your first step. Plug the OBD scanner in to see what fault codes you receive. Fault codes that you can see are P2119, P0121, P0564, P0101, P0726, P0504, P0554, P0571, and more unfortunately. Since there are so many fault codes that can be seen, we’ll go through the fixes that are most common when it comes to the light.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Vehicle with an EPC Light?

Typically, the diagnosis and fix will be easy, but other times the diagnosis may not be so easy. So with that said, you can spend anywhere from $200 – $3,000. I know that’s a big spread and it isn’t the most helpful, but that is because there are so many possible problems with the light comes on.

How to Fix an Accelerator Pedal Failure

The fault code that usually comes with this issue is going to be P2122. If you typically get this code, it is a relatively easy DIY if you have the proper parts.

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Accelerator DIY Difficulty:

How to Fix a Camshaft or Crankshaft Sensor Failure

The fault code usually associated with this failure is P0340 or P0335. These codes are easy to DIY as well as long as you know your way around your vehicle.

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How to Fix a Brake Light Switch Failure

The brake light switch and the electronic throttle body makes up most of the solutions to this engine code. This is an easier DIY if you know your way around the vehicle.

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DIY Difficulty:

How to Fix an Electronic Throttle Body Failure

The electronic throttle body makes up about 50% of the cases with the EPC light. That is not to say that may be the reason your specific vehicle is throwing the light, but a lot of the cases

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To wrap this guide up, the EPC light is quite hard to diagnose if there aren’t any other lights illuminating on the dash. If you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on repairs, then you can try to diagnose it yourself, but if you are needing your vehicle to be fixed in a timely manner, it would be advised to take it into a shop. If you are looking to DIY this fix, make sure to get yourself an OBD-II scanner because it could save you a lot of time. Please let us know your experiences with this light so we can add it to the list and keep others informed!

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