What is Audi MMI

What is Audi MMI®?

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If you’re in the market for a new or used Audi, you’ve probably heard of “Audi MMI®” and wondered what that was. In this article, we’ll be going over what Audi MMI® references, what models MMI is in, and more. Let us know your experience of MMI in the comments below!

What is Audi MMI®?

MMI stands for Audi’s in-house infotainment system, Multi Media Interface. It makes the connection between many of the internal systems and allows the driver or passenger control over devices and functions in the car. Essentially, it is the center console and visual display screen in your Audi that gives you, the user, control over all of the internal functions of your vehicle.

What is included in the standard MMI®?

To make it less confusing, we’ll go into what all is included with the Multi Media Interface.

  • Vehicle settings
    • Audi Drive Select
    • Driver assistance
    • Air conditioning
    • Service & checks
    • Owner’s manual
  • Sound
  • Radio
  • Media
  • Telephone
  • Navigation
  • Google Maps
  • Audi Connect®
  • Audi smartphone interface
  • Settings

What is Audi Connect?

Audi Connect® is Audi’s upgrade package for the standard MMI found in many Audi’s today. Now, there are multiple levels to the Audi Connect® package, but with the purcahse of a new Audi, the base Connect® CARE package comes standard. Below we’ll go over the different packages and what’s included in each.

Audi Connect® CARE

  • Remote Unlock/Lock
  • Audi service request
  • Vehicle status report
  • SOS call
  • Car finder
  • Online roadside assistance

Audi Connect® PRIME

  • Amazon Alexa™
  • Voice recognition
  • Traffic information
  • Traffic light information
  • Google Earth™
  • Parking information
  • myAudi Destinations

Audi Connect® PLUS

  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Amazon Music
  • Online Radio

Once you get to the bottom of the list above, you have an all-in-one vehicle that is a remote workspace with the PLUS package. However, it comes with a cost. Connect® PRIME isn’t unreasonable at $199 for 6 Months (or $33/Month) or $499 for 18 Months (or $28/Month). For Connect® PLUS, an extra $10 a month for mobile data share costs and an extra $25 for unlimited data. So it isn’t cheap but could definitely be worth if you happen to be working on the road often.

Which Models Have MMI®?

MMI Connect CARE actually comes standard in all Audi vehicles on the road today. All Audi’s, in some shape or form, have MMI®. The interfaces and dials may be different, but the overall software is generally the same across different models and years.

Different Types of Audi MMI®?

Depending on what years and models, there are many different types of MMI®.

  • Audi MMI® 2G
  • Audi MMI® 3G
  • Audi MMI® 3G Basic
  • Audi MMI® 3G+
  • Audi MMI® 3G High
  • Audi MMI® 3G+ High
  • Audi MMI® RMC
  • Audi MMI® MIB Gen 1
  • Audi MMI® MIB Gen 2
  • Audi MMI® MIB Gen 3
  • Audi MMI® MSTD

How is Audi MMI®?

This is our opinion, but Audi’s infotainment system is one of our favorite Multi Media Interface systems on the market. This is because of how user friendly it is and aesthetically pleasing the interior is. The technology they are releasing is only getting more innovative, like the dual touchscreen systems found in the new Audi A8 and Q8’s.

We hope this article was helpful in what Audi MMI is, what vehicles have it, different types of Audi MMI, and Audi Connect. Lastly, If you would like to read up on more Audi content, here is our article on “The Fastest Audi’s.”

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