Is Audi Care Worth it?

Is Audi Care Worth It?

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AudiCare, Audi Care, or The Audi Service Plan, however you want to say it, many ask and wonder if it is worth getting. Well, in this article, we’ll be breaking down what Audi Care is, what it covers, and more to help you, the reader, make an informed decision on the question “Is Audi Care worth it or not?” Let us know if you found this short article helpful in the comments below and also provide your experience with Audi Care if you have gotten it or currently have it.

What is Audi Care?

Audi Care is Audi’s maintenance plan that is offered on all new Audi vehicles. Essentially, you, the consumer, are pre-paying for scheduled maintenance down the road. For example, there is a 10k, 20k, 30k, and 40k service maintenance interval package that you are pre-paying for at the time of purchase. Audi recommends getting your vehicle serviced every 10,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first. All services covered under Audi Care must be performed at an Audi-certified dealership and don’t have to be the dealership you bought the vehicle from. However, service does have to be in the same country the vehicle was purchased. Also, the plan does not have to be purchased at the time of purchasing the Audi, it can be purchased after the fact.

What is Covered Under Audi Care?

This can vary between what Audi Care package you choose, but generally speaking, these are the things covered:

  • Cleaning the air filter housing and replacing the air filter
  • Test and inspect the vehicle’s axels
  • Test and replace the battery, if necessary
  • Inspect timing belts and tensioners, replacing if necessary
  • Replacing brake fluid every 2 years
  • Inspecting the brake system (pad wear, brake fluid levels, etc)
  • Inspecting the cooling system, topping off coolant
  • Inspecting driveshaft boots
  • Replacing the dust and pollen filters every 2 years or 20,000 miles
  • Inspecting the transmission
  • Changing the oil and oil filter
  • Inspecting the exhaust system
  • Testing exterior and interior lights for proper operation
  • Check, and add if necessary, power steering fluid
  • Perform road tests
  • Inspect and replace spark plugs per the Audi maintenance intervals
  • Inspect tire wear and adjust tire pressure to optimal levels
  • Inspect the underbody for leaks and wear (liners, etc)
  • Inspect, and replace if necessary, wiper blades

How Much is Audi Care?

We know going into the financing office is easily the worst part about purchasing a vehicle because of all the add-ons these finance managers try to push on you. Audi Care is one of the things they will push and you may be wondering, “So, how much is it?” The pricing of Audi Care depends on two factors: what vehicle you’re purchasing and what Audi Care Package you are purchasing. First, we will cover the different Audi Care packages that are available: (For vehicles, we will be listing 3 different ones to gauge price off of)

  • 10k, 20k, 30k, and 40k Package
    • A3 – $999
    • A5 – $1,399
    • A8 – $1,799
  • Select 30k and 40k Package
  • Select 40k and 50k Package
  • Select 50k and 60k Package
  • Select 60k and 70k Package
  • Select 70k and 80k Package

For each package, there is an added cost. For example, if you were to get the 10k, 20k, 30k, and 40k package for the A3, it would be $999, and if you were wanting to add the Select 50k and 60k Package, it would be an extra $999. Therefore, the total Audi Care cost would be $1,998 on an A3 that retails at $34,900. This may seem steep, given it makes up 5% of the total cost, but it will save money in the long run. Especially if you plan on having the vehicle for 60k+ miles.

Something worth mentioning is that if you are financing a new Audi, you will have the choice to incorporate the cost of Audi Care into your monthly payments. This option can be VERY enticing given it would only add a few extra $$$ a month on your payment. However, we understand that every consumer has different ways to handle finances. and want to give the benefit of the doubt to every consumer.

So, Is Audi Care Worth it?

In our opinion, Audi Care is absolutely worth it. On average, getting Audi Care saves customers anywhere from 20% – 40% by prepaying for vehicle maintenance. Being an Audi, a luxury vehicle, expensive maintenance comes with it. Going from a Honda to an Audi will come with higher maintenance and ownership costs because you are stepping up into a luxury vehicle. Ie: the more expensive the vehicle, the more expensive the maintenance. This is even true for one specific brand. For example, you will be paying more in maintenance on an Audi S8 as opposed to an Audi A3.

Something to take into account is that the cost of the plan is fixed at purchase. This means that even if labor rates go up, you won’t have to pay anything additional because you already paid for the service ahead of time.

There are many benefits to getting Audi Care:

  • Prolonged vehicle life
  • Better fuel economy
  • Higher resale value
  • Fixed cost
  • Warranty coverage

Audi Care Conclusion

So, to wrap this up, Audi Care is worth every penny. If you happen to have any questions about Audi Care, we highly advise giving your local dealer a call to get more details. Next time you are in the Audi dealership purchasing a car, ask about Audi Care and ask for the specifics. If you can amortize the cost and incorporate it into your monthly payments it would be more than with it.

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